Friday, June 3, 2011

Is $351 a good price for timing belt change from Honda?

I need to get my timing belt changed, and I'm just wondering if $351 (cdn) was Honda is a good price. I was originally quoted at $440. I know that I can probably get it for a better price from a local shop but is it worth the extra to have it done by Honda...especially for a timing belt?

Is there anything else I should get changed with the timing belt too?Is $351 a good price for timing belt change from Honda?It's a decent price. I have been quoted $500 for my Dodge Neon by a dealer, which includes changing the water pump because they both require the same disassembly process and they do it as a package deal. Changing a timing belt on any front-wheel-drive car is a substantial amount of time and labor because of all the disassembly and the fact that everything under the hood seems to be in the way of that belt. The part itself is maybe 10-20 percent of the cost. I also had a timing chain replaced on a big Ford V8, which was over $350. The timing belt is not something you want to scrimp on or use a cheap belt, because if it breaks or isn't installed correctly, the engine can be seriously damaged.Is $351 a good price for timing belt change from Honda?yea that's about right imports are more expensive because the parts cost more. You should also have the timeing belt tensioner , water and oil pump replaced if your doing a timing belt.Is $351 a good price for timing belt change from Honda?Yessssssssssssssssssssssssir
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